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SERIES 2 Lightsaber dangle earrings [SINGLE]

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Series 2 includes 14 different character inspired lightsaber earrings to choose from! Please read the description for each design below and note that earrings are sold individually NOT as pairs. This means you can build your own set of lightsabers simply by adding designs to your cart~

MATERIAL: lightsaber earrings are enamel filled and made of brass with gold or silver plating, completely nickel free.

LENGTH: default lightsaber length is 1.75" long from the end of the hook. The exception is Yoda's lightsaber (1.4" long).

DESIGNS: there are 14 total different designs to choose from. Please swipe through the photo gallery to see all the options! FULL SET BUNDLE: includes one of each temple guard, Kanan, Ezra, Dark Rey, Leia, Ben Solo, Yoda, Ventress, Dooku, Cal Kestis, Bastila, Revan, Qui Gon Jinn, and Shaak Ti for a total of 14 earrings.

CLIP ON/STUDS: sold individually, I will transform any of the lightsaber earrings to clip on or stud earrings for a small additional cost! If you purchase multiple lightsabers, please let me know at checkout which earrings you'd like changed.

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